One Man's Junk

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It amazes me the things people throw away. I mean, we’re in the middle of a recession and on any given Tuesday night I can drive through town and see televisions, sofas and coffee tables resting by trash cans waiting for the garbage truck to come take them off to that land-fill in the sky (or in my case, right down the street from my house) where they will try to decompose for the next hundred years. (While these sad pieces of furniture wait to rot at Epperson Landfill, I get the added bonus of smelling the waft of decomposing junk as it travels up the road to my house with the morning dew.)

            Now don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means a tree-hugger. I actually want to try to do more for the environment, but as a mother of five I appreciate and love my disposable diapers that sit in the above mentioned landfill (the same one I loath when I smell the faint scent of sulfur in my bedroom in the morning.)

            My dismay at what people throw away isn’t about people throwing stuff away. In fact, I’d much rather see this stuff end-up in the landfill than on an episode of Hoarder’s. It’s more about the fact that some of the stuff I see on the side of the road actually looks like it’s still in pretty good condition. Do people not know that there’s a place called the Goodwill that will not only take their old furniture off their hands, but they’ll hand them a receipt for a tax break? Come on people!

            But I’ve grown to love these “dumpster diving” moments, because I can find cheap (no free) props for photo shoots.

            I recently stumbled upon a great bright blue, overstuffed chair. It caught the corner of my eye as I was taking my daughter to school one morning. I made a mental note to stop on my way back home, which I immediately forgot. I was unsure if the chair was out with the trash or just being moved, because it appeared to be in pretty good condition. It was a few days later, and I noticed the hint of blue peaking out from under a layer of snow. At this point, I was pretty sure I knew the chairs fate. I made another mental note to stop when the back of my car was empty…and dang it, I forgot again.

            Well, on Tuesday as I drove by and saw that my sad, blue chair had finally made it’s way to the curb I knew I had to take action. I claimed my chair and called my nephew to pick it up for me and take it to my mom’s garage so I could steam clean it (even though I’m only using it as a photo prop, I still want to be sanitary.)

            As my nephew dropped the chair off at my mom’s, he asked her, “Do you think Sarah looked at this chair before she called me to pick it up?”

            I’m guessing he didn’t see the same value in my find that I did.