Life's Simple Pleasures

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My oldest daughter (3) goes to preschool and day-care three days a week. But Tuesdays and Thursdays she's at home with her sisters and me.

These days are sometimes cherished and sometimes insufferable, because I'm always trying to work...even when I have three little girls at home with me. 

But last night on my way home from the grocery store I was listening to Oprah's Soul Series and they were talking about being grateful. Oprah challenged listeners to write in a journal five reasons you are thankful to be alive at the end of each day. She said they shouldn't be the big, obvious things, house, food. Instead, she challenged people to look at the simple things we appreciate each day. As I listened, I reminded myself to be a little more patient with my girls when we're all stuck in the house together while I'm working.

Tuesday nights are my daughter's gymnastics night. She gets so excited as we pull one of her leotards out of the drawer to get dressed. She doesn't even object as she normally does when I pull her hair back in a ponytail. 

Even though they're only toddlers, the mothers are asked to wait in their cars while the girls have class, but the front window is big, so if I get there early enough to grab a prime parking spot, I can watch my little girl through the window.

This is one of my simple pleasures in life. I could use those thirty minutes she's in class to check e-mails, voicemails, Facebook...but I try to make a point to put my phone down and just watch my daughter bounce around the gym.