No Self-Control!

Friday, January 6, 2012

I wish someone had a tape recorder of the voice inside my head trying to rationalize my decision-making process. Today I was running late, no surprise, and didn't have time to eat lunch before heading off to pick my daughter up from school and drop her off at daycare. After the drop-off I was heading out to run errands, and I knew I was going to be hungry before I got home. So the rationalizing began.

First, I told myself I needed to eat because it's not good to go too long between meals. You want to keep your metabolism up in order to keep the calories burning.

Second, I needed someplace with a drive-thru so I didn't have to get my babies out of the car.

Third, I needed someplace with low-calorie food options so I didn't blow my day.

What does that leave? Starbucks of course!

They have a drive-thru, low-cal food options & a cinnamon dolce latte!

I have absolutely NO self-control!