Jesus and the Easter Bunny Really are Related

It was quiet in my house Saturday night…finally. I’d finally gotten Bianca to fall asleep despite her lingering sugar high from the afternoon’s egg hunt and anticipation about the Easter Bunny hopping to our home.

I tipped my toes (as Bianca calls tiptoeing) downstairs to the basement to collect the goodies hidden in our storage room. Chuck was distracted by the TV, but watching me pull a giant Tupperware bin out of the closet caught his eye.

“Is all of that for Easter?” he asked a little annoyed. “What happened to keeping things small?”

“Well, the baskets are taking up a lot of the room,” I justified creeping back up the stairs.

The Easter Bunny had a successful delivery at the Dills house, and Bianca didn’t even notice all of her goodies on the kitchen table when she woke-up in the middle of the night and crawled in bed with us.

I awoke at 7:30 the next morning to a quiet, peaceful house. I was about to take the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee in solitude when I remembered we had to have a toddler, two babies and ourselves sugared-up, showered and out the door for church no later than 10:30. Against my better judgment, I decided to wake the beast to get the ball rolling.

While both Bianca and Chuck’s eyes were a little leery of the early morning wake-up call at first, they both perked-up at the mention of the Easter Bunny. Bianca stumbled out of bed – only pausing briefly to let Chuck get ahead of her – and headed in to see what had been left for her.

She seemed a little confused at first, as most children do on little sleep with sensory overload, so I guided her to find the My Little Pony train set tucked behind her basket.

“What’s this?” I asked.

Bianca’s eyes widened. “That’s the train set I’ve been wanting!” she exclaimed.

“How did the Easter Bunny know that’s what you wanted?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said. “It must be magic.”

Chuck answered honestly, “It must be, because I didn’t even know that’s what you wanted.”

At that moment I realized the importance of our obviously-trivial rituals and traditions like the Easter Bunny and Santa Clause.

While I undoubtedly know Christmas and Easter are about Jesus’ birth and resurrection – I also know that as a mother it’s important for me to be in tune with my children.

Bianca never asked the Easter Bunny to bring her anything, and she would have been completely happy with a chocolate bunny and a few eggs. But I’d been watching her play with her My Little Pony figures, and I’d heard her ooh and ahh at the commercials for the train set.

I am not the kind of mother to buy my children toys at the drop of the hat – so much so that when Bianca does ask for toys she sees on TV I tell her she needs to put them on her Christmas list – which is getting rather long by the way.

But I knew it was something she wanted, and I knew she’d been a nice, sweet girl – helping me with her sisters, learning to pick-up her toys, and working hard in school (Gosh, I’m making her sound 13, not three!) So I wanted to surprise her with her My Little Pony train set she thought she would have to wait until her birthday or Christmas to get.

And isn’t that what Jesus does for us? He’s in tune to our every want and desire (our every thought actually, which is sometimes kind of scary.) He knows what we need and when we need it. Sometimes things come when we want them to, other times we never get what we want (because it turns out it wasn’t ever good for us in the first place), and then there are those most special of moments when we get a pleasant surprise – like a My Little Pony train set on Easter morning.

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter!