A Little Bit of Manicure in My Life

By the title of my blog, it’s probably pretty clear that I love a good manicure. Unfortunately, with five children, I don’t have the time to get one very often.

In the last few months Bianca has really started to enjoy the girlie things in life – like hair bows and nail polish – so last night at Wal-Mart I decided to peruse the nail care aisle for some new stuff for my manicure bag.

I stumbled upon one of the greatest products I’ve found in a LONG time. And I want everyone to turn off their computers or tablets or phones and walk (no run) to Wal-Mart to buy this. Every girl needs this!

My absolute, number one complaint with polished nails is how quickly they chip. And because I’m a little obsessive compulsive, the second I have a ding on a nail I feel the need to completely repaint them all.

I don’t like acrylic simply for the upkeep and wear and tear on my nails, so I was over-the-moon excited about a year ago when I discovered gel nails. They felt and looked like real nails, they didn’t have to use that painful torture device of a file, and my polish stayed on for two weeks! It was great, but it was a little expensive. (I could have kept acrylic nails for the price I was paying to have the gel nails.)

Well…the geniuses at Nutra Nail developed Gel Perfect 5 Minute Gel-Color Manicure. (No UV/LED Light Needed!)

The best part, it’s under $10!

I was a little skeptical – based on the price – but I decided if it didn’t work I hadn’t invested too much money.

I got home and decided I needed to practice on myself before I even attempted this on Bianca. Since my first application, I’ve decided I’ll save this for myself and let Bianca have the normal polish. (She doesn’t care in the slightest if her nails chip, and I’m pretty sure if I used this on her all of her fingers would end up stuck together. Hey, that might not be such a bad thing some days!)

Anyway, there are three bottles in the kit (the base, the polish and the cleaner.) You’re supposed to have the lids unscrewed and ready to go on all three bottles before you begin. The instructions kind of made me feel like I was running a marathon when they told me to immediately apply the polish after applying the base, but if I didn’t screw it up I’m pretty sure anyone can do it.

*I will put in a little disclaimer for the dumb here. Do not try to do this on your bed – like I did. When you have three bottles with unscrewed lids, it makes sense to be on a solid surface like a table or bathroom vanity.

*This leads to my next disclaimer, the base coat is extremely sticky – like superglue sticky – which I’m assuming is why the polish sticks to your nails so well. Anyway, if the bottle of base coat spills – use something like a paper towel to clean it up or your hands will be stuck together all night.

My nails were painted in less than five minutes (and that’s with an unstable work surface, two fingers glued together and an inquisitive three-year-old assistant.)

My nails look awesome! And I’m horrible at painting nails!

(They look way better in person, I promise!)

I don’t’ know if they will last as long as the gel nails in the salon, but I’m pretty sure they’ll last longer than the three days I usually get out of regular polish. And I didn’t look on the instructions about removal, but I’m planning to do it like they do at the salon – soak cotton balls in nail polish remover and then secure them to my fingers with aluminum foal. This way, while I wait for the glue to dissolve I can pick-up satellite signals from outer space.

If you don’t have this already, go buy it! It’s fabulous! If you already have this product and know how amazing it is - I want to know why you haven't told me about it yet?