Cash Mob

Friday, January 26, 2012


I got a call from a friend this morning telling me to get to Food Lion because they had all of their stock marked down fifty percent. Unfortunately for Food Lion, and our community, this wasn’t a promotional sale. The grocery store is clearing their shelves and closing their doors for good.

Going out of Business.

Food Lion obviously isn’t a locally owned, mom and pop store – but in my community they were the underdog to Wal-Mart and a Kroger Super Store just a few miles north.

I’m in no way dogging the big-boxes. I, like most Americans, appreciate their convenience and inventory. But as a small business owner myself, I am sad to see another ‘little guy’ go under. It seems to be happening more-and-more in our economy today.

There is a movement of people trying to make an impact and help these small businesses during these rough times though. They’re called Cash Mobs, and their goal is simple – mob the stores and spend money.

A complete list of Mob ‘Rules’ can be found at their site While some of these rules wouldn’t apply to my community – it was a nice reminder about the importance of supporting local businesses.

While you might not visit the corner market for a month supply of groceries, try to remember to stop there on a Saturday morning if you need to pick-up a dozen eggs.