Thing One & Thing Two - Happy Birthday to You!

There are no words to express my complete disbelief that my twins are going to be one-year-old a week from today! This legitimately has been the fastest year of my life. I feel like someone pressed fast-forward! Thank goodness I have a wonderful family, like my mother, to remind me of major milestones that should occur in children's lives - like a baptism and a first birthday party.

My mom watched in horror as I looked through my girls' closet a few, short weeks ago for Bianca's old baptism gown so I could see if I could 'find something close enough to match.' "That simply will not do," my mom exclaimed - taking it upon herself to design and sew Brooklynn and Brylee two of the most beautiful baptism gowns ever! (Just one more reason I'm so lucky to have my mom!)

Looking at the calendar for a date for this blessed event posed a challenge - seeing that my daughters' were born in the height of wedding season. When I found out that my dad and grandmother could be here the weekend of Mother's Day, I thought it would not only be the perfect day for a baptism - I thought we should just roll everything into one and have a birthday party too!

I'd known for a long time that I wanted a Dr. Seuss Thing One & Thing Two party for my girls for a long time, but as the day approached I got a little caught-up in the theme. Adorable Dr. Seuss outfits, Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday To You sign-in books, Lorax moustaches and the most adorable cakes from Sugar Daddy's came together to make the day perfect!

And even though it poured buckets on us all day, it was pretty fitting considering that's what happens in Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat!

Baptism Gowns: Jane Adams (my amazingly, awesome mom)

Baptism: Williamstown United Methodist Church, Brother Barry Robinson

Birthday Outfits (Thing One & Thing Two): Seuss Land

Birthday Cakes: Sugar Daddy's