Whey Protein Orange Creamsicle Recipe

It’s OFFICIAL… The marathon is right around the corner! We’re now counting down in days instead of weeks, which is a exciting & terrifying thought!

At last night’s training run I heard two common themes being discussed – 1) The weather forecast for race day 2) The fear of/avoidance of getting sick.

Lucky for me (as I knock on wood), I got that out of my system over the last two weeks while I was running a 24-hour infirmary for my three, very sick, little girls.

I hate to disgust you with the details… so let me just say that there were very few surfaces in my home that were not thrown-up on over the last few weeks. And while I’m usually pretty good dealing with this kind of stuff, I was in NO position to get sick myself!!!! So I’ve been a Lysol spraying, Clorox wiping, sheet washing, hand-sanitizing FREAK!!!!

I also started drinking a vitamin C supplement I found at the grocery called Emergen-C. I usually gag at the taste of these powdery mixes, but I added it to my hot lemon and honey water in the morning and it was not too bad.

But last Tuesday I came home from a training run knowing I needed to replenish my muscles with a protein shake, so I had a crazy idea to mix the two together.

This is either going to be the most delicious or disgusting thing I’ve ever tried, I thought. Fortunately, it was heaven in a glass. It tasted just like the orange creamsicle pops I loved as a kid – except WAY healthier. So I thought I’d share:


  • One scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (UMP is a whey protein, but could be substituted for a vegan protein)
  • One packet Emergen-C 
  • 10-12 oz. water 
  • Ice
  • Mix them all together in your shake cup or blender and ENJOY! It tastes just like an Orange Creamsicle!