My Running Valentine

We’re runners. We don’t want flowers. Flowers wilt. We don’t want gold. Gold itches when we sweat. We don’t want chocolate. Wait, we ALWAYS want chocolate…

Here are some alternatives to the traditional Valentine’s gifts that your runner will love – under $50.

Chocolate-Flavored Protein, Sweaty Bands, Pyrkia Rings and Runner-Inspired Bouquets all make wonderful Valentine's Day gift ideas for runners.

Jewelry: When I started marathon training five years ago, I tried to wear my wedding ring. Then, my hands swelled and I almost couldn’t get the ring off my sausage link of a finger. I stopped wearing my wedding ring, but felt weird without it. Thank You to whoever first came up with silicone rings!!!! It gave me a great way to look and feel married while staying comfortable. These rings are also safer to wear while cross training with weights in the gym.

My husband is a police officer, so I LOVE the Thin Blue Line rings from Pyrkia! I love them so much that I got us matching bands. They also have the Thin Red Line bands for fire fighters, plus a plethora of other colors. Their latest line includes rose goldJ You will need to snag your sweeties real wedding ring to find their size on the website.

Use promo code: BE MINE to get 2 rings for $30

Be sure to snag your sweetie's ring for sizing on their website. The custom size is one thing that sets this company apart:)

Be sure to snag your sweetie's ring for sizing on their website. The custom size is one thing that sets this company apart:)

Chocolate: I mean, chocolate is ALWAYS a goo idea…But there are some healthier alternatives. I swear by U.M.P. (Ultimate Muscle Protein) Powder from Beverly International. This product was designed by and for body builders, and I found it at my gym…While I’m NOT a body builder, as runners we need a high protein fuel to put in after tough workouts, and this product does NOT upset my stomach. There are a TON great flavors, and if you visit you can find some awesome Valentine’s Day-worthy dessert recipes.


Make-Up/Accessories: I always admire the runners who show up on race day with a full face of make-up…but I am NOT one of those women. Instead, I’d like to have a cute headband. My go-to headbands are Sweaty Bands. They have some cute heart designs.

If you spend $45 you get 2 Free Slim Bands + 1 Hair Tie Pack


Roses: Instead of fresh flowers, give your Sweetheart a bouquet of socks and gels. Runners LOVE socks, and they have to be the best! My go-to socks are Feetures. Watch this video for an easy tutorial.