5 People Every Runner Should Have on Speed Dial {Dealing with Injury During Marathon Training}

   Whether you’re a seasoned runner or training for your first marathon, you’ve probably noticed feelings you’ve never experienced before…and I’m not talking about the glorious runner’s high we’re always chasing. No, I’m talking about that weird twitch on the outside of your knee, or the shooting pain along the bottom of your foot when you stumble out of bed in the morning…or – as I most recently experienced – that amazing sensation where your back seizes up when you try to unfold your body, leading you to double over in pain and let out the most God-awful moan.

   Now, I know there are those people who are just Born To Run. They NEVER have injuries – except the occasional pain that is immediately alleviate with ten minutes on the foam roller. They run a casual 40-miles a week. Their PR goals have been whittled down to seconds… No, I’m NOT jealous!!!! I’M NOT JEALOUS…

   I trained for my first marathon relatively unscathed, but in my second training season I began having low back pain. This was no surprise considering my mother, my sister, my aunt and my niece have all had back surgeries. And as my running goals have grown, so has my injury list. I’ve had plantar fasciitis, medial knee pain, weak hip flexors…and now we’re back to low-back pain. It’s the circle of injury!

   But I’ve become addicted to running. It’s not a hobby, it’s not a job, it’s just who I am…I know non-runners would NEVER understand this, but it’s as much a part of who I am as being a mother. It just is – with no explanation or reasoning… So when I face injuries, it is devastating. The thought of not being able to run induces chest-tightening, heart-racing, irrational panic attack symptoms.

   Here is the dream –team of people who keep me moving. It may not be pretty, it may not be fast, but it’s enough to feed my soul!

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Five Tips: Mentally Recovering from a BAD Training Run {Marathon Training}

Ughhhh…the dreaded ‘Bad’ Run.

Odds are, if you’ve trained for  a marathon you know the shear grimace that comes with the thought of these words.

If you go out and run several times a week for several weeks that turn into months, not every run is going to be perfect, pretty and tied-up with a little PR goal. No, there will be bad runs! And they will hurt – a lot more mentally than they do physically.

So… How do we recover – mentally – from the BAD runs?

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Yesterday was the first day of 'Spring' Marathon Training Season for a lot of running groups across the country/world - and I use the term 'spring' very loosely because it felt anything but.

In Cincinnati, the temperature hovered around 5 degrees during our run. Fortunately, it wasn't too bad out...even though I know people driving by us thought we were bat-sh@# crazy as their heaters pumped warm air on their faces!

Even though you've signed-up for a spring marathon; your training begins when it is frigid, bitter cold out. Despite the fact that you may want to train on a treadmill (it's fine in moderation) you still need to be out on the roads where you can train your body to climb natural inclines, make turns and dodge potholes. These arctic temps make running attire SO important.

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